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Subject: Time-Table
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aryan.k8 23.08.12 - 04:09am
Put Your Time-Table here and if you aint happy with it, we might give you a better one!!! *

aryan.k8 23.08.12 - 04:22am
So.. Let me start! I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, Offer Fajr NamaaZ(prayers), then i read Qur'an, and then i study till 8:00am then i do exercise for an hour and at 9:00am, i do breakfast, at 10:00am i go for bath then i study till 12:00pm. Then till 1:00pm i do sum timepass like coming here and chattin etc.. At 1:00pm go for NamaaZ(prayers) then afta that i do lunch then, 2:00pm i take a nap till 4:00pm,then i go for Asr NamaaZ(prayers) then at 6:00pm, i go out chill with frnds till 7:00pm, then i return home, offer Maghrib Namaaz(prayers) then i study for 1 hour.. At 8:00pm i go for Isha NamaaZ(prayers) then afta 9:00pm i have ma dinner, then i revise wat i have studied the whole day, then i do a bit net surfin chattin till 12:00am and then go sleep!! *

shanniey 23.08.12 - 04:56am
Well my time table is like dis get up wen I feel like,,make my bed,,breakfast,,txt ma frenz,,,play music,,read a book,,play music,,sleep...simple as dat it maybe bored but i love it :p *

aryan.k8 23.08.12 - 05:48am
U dont study?? U dont go out? *

shanniey 23.08.12 - 05:59am
Me study wen me get bored nd of course me go out!!!everyday :3p *

aryan.k8 23.08.12 - 06:25am
Without me? Haha *

shanniey 23.08.12 - 06:33am
Hmm so it go *

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