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Subject: Islamic Section
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aryan.k8 10.01.13 - 06:42am
1. Prophet had sent theformal proposal to herfather which he did notaccepted immediately. Hehas two issues with theproposal. One is that herfather was close friend ofProphet Mohammed PBUHand in Arab society closefriends are consideredbrothers. So, he had thisdoubt that Ayesh will belike niece of Prophet, whichprophet explained that thiskind of prohibition comeonly from bloodrelationship. Second issuewas that she was alreadyengaged to another manand her father did notwanted to break promise.However, this engagementwas broken by father of theboy and only after thatmarriage proposal wasaccepted. Now, in thewhole story issue of agedoes not come intoconsideration at all. Herfather did not said anythingabout her age. So, age wasnot at all the problem atthat time.2. He first married to awoman who was 40 yo andhe was 25 at that time.When his first wife passedaway he married to LadyAyesh.He lived with awoman who was 15 yearsolder than himself for 25years.3. Prophet MohammedPBUH has been criticize andliterally menta *

aryan.k8 19.02.13 - 02:03am
, while theyencompass nothing ofHis knowledge savewhat He will. Histhrone includeth theheavens and the earth,and He is never wearyof preserving them. Heis the Sublime,theTremendous. *

akramwap 19.02.13 - 05:27pm
jazakaAllah read.GIF *

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